Engineering with an integrated design office.

BS&A's mission is to provide state-of-the-art engineering services to quantify and manage safety and security risks, design protection solutions, develop and test technologies for the construction, energy and defense markets.

BS&A specializes in the study of risks caused by man and nature to people and infrastructure. The phenomena studied are explosions, impacts, shocks, earthquakes and tornadoes.

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Science & Engineering

BS&A draws on the foundations of science and engineering to conduct advanced studies and simplified analysis in the face of extreme loads. These studies are carried out to meet regulatory needs or to develop protection designs.

Our unique approach is based on the management of specific tools, the use of experienced numerical models, the implementation of pyrotechnic tests and the exploitation of experimental databases.

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Calculation, Simulation and Analysis

BS&A uses state-of-the-art numerical models to perform advanced studies in the field of rapid dynamics applied to materials, structures and fluids. Among other things, these studies enable us to size infrastructures and protection solutions.

BS&A also develops simplified and rapid models for assessing vulnerabilities or for pre-sizing structures and components subjected to military or industrial explosions.


Blast Tests and Applied Research

BS&A supports the development and validation of explosion protection products in the field of construction (SEVESO, PPRT, improvised explosives), defense and transport, according to European and NATO standards.

BS&A offers comprehensive pyrotechnic testing services including logistics management, guarantee of protection of your technologies, measurement of physical quantities and numerical simulation.


Pyrotechnic safety

In accordance with the regulations of the Pyrotechnic Safety Regulations, BS&A carries out occupational safety studies for civil and military pyrotechnic establishments.

BS&A also carries out all the engineering studies for the construction of ammunition depots and the definition of pyrotechnic needs, bringing its skills in calculation and numerical simulation.


Security engineering

BS&A offers a range of security engineering services to support the implementation of protection measures applied to sites and facilities, for public bodies or private companies abroad.

BS&A offers an approach aimed at working in synergy with architects and project owners from the design phase of projects, in order to ensure the integration of safety, through to the technical and functional specification phases



BS&A participates in responsible innovation in protection and defense for technical and software solutions.

The solutions studied can be portable or structural, we are interested in certified sustainable technologies in several areas: fire, impact, explosion.

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Blast protection for internal explosion in a parking

1er juin 2023

BS&A dimensioned a 1500 m2 blast-resistant slab using Ductal blast + technology. This project is a world reference, and highlights our expertise and commitment to infrastructure safety in the face of explosion risks.

Thermal runaway of batteries: understanding and preventing explosion risks

18 mai 2023

Thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries is a complex phenomenon, but essential to understand in order to ensure the safety of people and infrastructures against potential fires and explosions